Automating detection with Notebook


Jupyter Notebook has become a go-to tool when I need to perform analysis on attacks when raw data (eg: application logs, web logs) is provided instead of well-formatted data ingested into a SIEM. I start to think about how I could make this process repeatable so that when there is a future analysis on the same type of dataset it could be repeatable in a scalable setup.


  • Rules
execution_from_download.json (an alerting rule example)
file_creation_in_download.json (an hunting rule example)
  • Alert Notebook (alert.ipynb)
alert.ipynb (notebook to run all the alert)
  • Rule: Class to define the rule object and some of the methods.
  • Detection: Class to run the rules and hunt queries.
  • Alerting: Class to perform alerting, which I’m using slack in this setup.
  • Papermill (Python script)
  • Slack
slack alert


The idea shared in this post is not new. In fact, any SIEM on the market can do it. However, when an analyst/investigator is tasked to investigate an intrusion with raw data provided, this could be a good way to manage their investigation workflow. By leveraging elastic and papermill, this becomes a scalable and repeatable detection platform.




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